Episode 217: Gaining Your Clients’ Perspective with Jamie Hyatt

What We Talked About:

Gaining these Client Perspectives: 

  • Client Perspective: Whatever I’m hiring someone for IS NOT an isolated experience
  • Client Perspective: Idk SHIT about how to use your services
  • Client Perspective: Being helpful in OTHER ways besides your service is above and beyond AWESOME.
  • Client Perspective: My vision will not be the same as yours & I have to explain it to you even though I like most of the things you do.
  • Client Perspective: Positivity makes me want to hire you!
  • Client Perspective: If I can’t/choose not to work with someone and they send me a kind message referring me elsewhere or JUST BEING NICE, I will most likely refer them to other people!
  • Client Perspective: I respect the lives of people I’m working with.
  • Client Perspective: I want my info fast as possible

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Our episode on Jamie's podcast, Made True: Creating Your Own Client Experience


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