Episode 216: Taking care of yourself when you’re hustling hard

What We Talked About:

  • Maximizing your efficiency during your BUSY season 
  • How to adjust your schedule during busy season by: 
    • Adjust your schedule, batch your days
    • Plan days off in advance and stick to them
    • FOCUS.
    • Take care of yourself BEFORE
    • Take care of yourself DURING
    • Take care of yoruself AFTER
    • Remember that every minute you're not sleeping is.. Every minute youre not sleeping.
    • Delegate delegate delegate
    • Get systems in pace
    • Decide what work is important during this time (take care of yourself before)
    • Say no
  • Making time during your busy season for yourself and your friends/family 
  • Questions to ask yourself including : 
    • What days/weeks felt and worked really well? What days/weeks did you not enjoy so much? Why?
    • If you could do this busy season again, what would you do differently?
    • How are you feeling now you're almost on the other side? What can you learn from that
    • Are there any tasks taking up your time that don't feel essential in your business?
    • A year from now, what would I like to be different in my business?

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