Episode 017: Portfolio Building to Getting Paid

What We Talked About:

  • Transitioning from portfolio building/spec work to getting paid
  • How we did it, how fast we did it, and how we would do it differently
  • One size does not fit all
  • Don't give your work away for free
  • If people want to pay for your work, let them
  • The difference between practicing & portfolio building 
  • Consider the time, material cost, talent, communication, etc that goes into your work (aka how to set price)
  • Being uncomfortable with your pricing is totally fine
  • Who to portfolio build with in the beginning & why
  • Who to portfolio build with for forever & why (hint: other creatives)
  • Offering a new service does not mean you are portfolio building
  • Practicing is different than portfolio building
  • Being careful with working for "exposure"
  • Working well under pressure & why pressure is not a negative thing
  • Testing the waters with portfolio building
  • Charging your clients means you will serve them better
  • We repeat: Putting a value on your work means you produce better work
  • Be excited for the next phase of your business if you're in the portfolio building stage! It's exciting!

People & Links We Mention:

Our interview on Jen Carrington's podcast Make It Happen!
Paige will be on Finding Arizona's podcast so soon! Check them out in the mean time!
Jamie Hyatt
Miss Mallory Fit

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