Episode 016: Jen Carrington: Content Creation, Being an Introvert as a Business Owner, and Standing Out Amongst The Noise

What We Talked About:

  • Interviewing Jen Carrington, content coach & creative mentor & blogger extraordinaire 
  • How Asia started working with Jen, and how her coaching changed Asia's blogging life
  • Discovering you are a creative person, and realizing that "creativity" doesn't have to mean what it means for everyone else
  • Starting a blog about *anything* is a great way to start
  • "You can affect someone with what you create."
  • Finding your strengths & running with them
  • "Coaching isn't telling someone what to do, it's making the space for that person to figure out what they want to do."
  • Giving yourself permission to be good at something
  • The confidence you have to say "I don't know" 
  • The difference between faking it til you make it and only selling what you can deliver
  • Starting a business young & being "ballsy"
  • Not having to use your blog to prove you're an expert
  • Having a voice amongst the noise
  • Not having to be the loudest voice to be heard
  • "When I'm creating content, I'm not trying to be someone else." 
  • "Strong content creation comes from strong intuition with your content."
  • Putting your brand at your core
  • Listening to yourself to lead your content 
  • "It's a muscle you have to work on."
  • Extroversion doesn't equal confidence; authentic doesn't mean outgoing
  • Advice for those of you drowning in noise, or being burnt out in content
  • "Strip it back to basics"
  • "What am I trying to say in this season of life"
  • You stifle your best content by worrying about content strategy
  • You don't have to care about equipment/tech tools/the how as much as you have to care about the why
  • Being an introvert does not mean being isolated
  • For the millionth time, creative friendships are INTEGRAL in the creative business owner's life
  • Writing a blog post for one person
  • Being okay with charging what you know you're worth
  • Good for you, not so good for me. That's okay to say!

Round 2 of this episode will be on Make It Happen podcast!

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