Episode 012: Being Authentic AF with THE Amy Young

What We Talked About:

  • Our very first Interview - with Amy Young!
  • Why being *you* online helps your clients
  • You *DON'T* need to have everything figured out (most likely, quite the opposite)
  • Being "real" makes you relatable- and relating to your clients is where it's at
  • Building trust by showing how you *fix* problems, not that you don't have any
  • Not knowing way you want in the beginning is.. totally fine, very normal, and maybe even better
  • You should start doing what you do *anyway*
  • YouTube being a VERY powerful platform
  • Ignoring the numbers, do what you do because you loveee it.
  • When you're not authentic, people may come but they may not be a good fit for you
  • Why you have to just START doing what you want to do
  • "The things you are passionate about aren't random, they are your calling."
  • Pay attention to what feels good and to what doesn't
  • Follow your bliss
  • Why it's so important to move from the space world to the face world (preach!)
  • Who wants to live behind their laptop?
  • These two golden nuggets from Amy: 
  • "People want to hire you for who you are first."
  • "Usually that's when my business is soaring is when I have a really awesome life."

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