Episode 011: How We "Fit It All In": A Week In The Life of Two Entrepeneurs

What We Talked About:

  • How we "do it all"
  • What our weeks look like day by day
  • How we fit in meeting people face to face
  • Why nose to the grindstone should not be the goal
  • Why chunking up your day makes things more sustainable
  • Why scheduling systems are so important
  • Knowing yourself & how much alone time and/or social time feels good for you is a big part of the spacer/facer life
  • How to be efficient in your "gap time"
  • Napping is good for you!
  • Why transition time is necessary
  • What to do when you have "no time" for the important things
  • How making time for exercising makes the rest of your day (and life!) more productive
  • Google Calendar = life
  • How routine can keep you on point with the things that you want to make sure you fit in
  • Reflecting on how you spend your days can allow you to see where you'd like to make change (IF you'd like to make change)

Links/People We Mention:

Alex Beadon's Monday Mantra "I spend time on what matters to me"
Paige's blog post on Making Space For Creativity
Miss Mallory Fit
my Young
Day Designer Planner

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