Episode 006: Setting Boundaries With Friends When You're Self-Employed With a Flexible Schedule, Not Feeling Guilty & Prioritizing Your Flexibility

What We Talked About:



  • How lucky we are to have flexible schedules
  • Appreciating that we are our business’s everything: janitor, accountant, marketer, etc, etc
  • Being at home isn’t the same as having a day off
  • How to manage boundaries with yourself & other people
  • When transparency is your enemy (SNAPCHAT!)
  • You’re allowed to go to the beach even if you own your business
  • How to check in with yourself to make sure you’re working when you’re working
  • A huge thank you to The Spark Lounge for your opinions & experience!
  • How to take your friends’ perspectives: they’re not trying to bother you
  • Taking break makes work life so much more productive, so take them & take them when you want
  • You don’t need to feel guilty about the ways you spend your free time
  • How to be clear with your friends about the boundaries you need form them
  • Knowledge is power: keeping track of your hours can do wonders for you
  • How to casually say “no” even when you want to say yes to mid work day fun invitations
  • What to do when you suck at boundaries but realize you need them
  • How to enlist your friends to help
  • The importance of creative friendships (just to reiterate for the millionth time)
  • Not forgetting to take advantage & be grateful for our flexible schedules
  • Finding the confidence in your work & the confidence in your decisions to take your own free time



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