Episode 005: The Anti-Sweatpant Episode, Dressing To Impress Yourself & Putting Your Best Foot Forward

What We Talked About:

  • Looking more professional at all times
  • Putting the same amount of effort in your in-person appearance as you do in your online appearance
  • Being a student is an excuse to wear whatever you want and this is a fact
  • Dress one step above the job you're looking for 
  • How your appearance affects your confidence 
  • ow confidence allows you to blossom in any situation (networking, approaching prospective clients, etc)
  • You'll hear ten no's before you hear a yes: People need to touch base with you 7 times before they take action to hire you
  • Dressing for your brand, your audience, and yourself (slacks & high heels, not necessary)
  • You are a walking advertisement for your brand
  • Your appearance is more than your clothes; your composure is super important
  • A little bit of social media pep talk
  • Wear jeans if you want to wear jeans

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