The Constant Struggle I am sure of two things: 1. I am VERY happy in SLO. I love living downtown, I love the connections I have, I LOVEEEE the dancing, I love Kreuzberg, I love my job, I love my business.


2. I REALLY WANT TO MOVE FROM SLO. There isn't enough to do, there's no one here my age, I miss my college friends, I need more life experience.

Back and forth back and forth every freaking day. And I can't hold on to one, and I forget I was ever sure of the other when I flip flop. And asking for advice DOES NOT HELP. Because depending on how I'm feeling I can frame the question any way I want..

1. "Is it okay that I'm super happy and content in SLO?"

2. "Am I wasting my youth by living in SLO?"

Pretty obvious what I'd like your answer to be.

And every one has a different opinion. And my thoughts change daily. SO WHAT DA FUT DO I DO?!

Sigh. Here's what I know.

Once, I went to Vegas, met a boy, and moved to Australia in like 8 days. Once, a friend of mine moved to France, I thought it was cool, so I moved, too. Once, I applied to college, got into SLO, and moved here.

Noneeeee of those things go like this: "Once, I STRESSED FOR MONTHS whether or not I should move somewhere and then I found a job and moved."

Zero times has that happened.

So, I just need to let things goooo. God has mvoed me to Australia in a week, and moved me to France for a year. These things kind of just.. happened. Need to let life take its course AND SHUT THE HECK UP. You have no idea how many times I text CJ like "Do you think I'd like Austin?" or "Man SLO is so great today!"...

Blossom Where You Are Planted.

And here I am! Blossoming like the beautifulllll flower I am.

Until God calls me to move to Brazil, then BAM I AM THERE suckas.