15 Simple Secrets To Everything I’m Good At

You know how people think you’re really good at some things and you’re like… really? You think thats cool? I have no idea, I just do it!

I guess I’m pretty amazing!

I think this a lot. I also think about how great I am at being modest and give myself a big pat on the back.

Here’s a few questions I have been asked over the last week that I thought you might also love the (very simplified) answers to.

How are your nails so long? Prenatal vitamins and not biting them.

How does your hair look good every day? Ha! Tricked you.

How do you keep your body like that? I got it from my mama. (And I work out with a personal trainer twice a week, go to yoga three times a week, don’t eat bread and just started a hip hop dance class. AKA I WORK FOR IT.)

How do you keep your teeth so straight? I wear a retainer. (Nobody’s ever asked me that).

How do you stay so energetic all the time? This is a question for people who haven’t read my clearly titled blog post “The Secrets Of My Energy.”

How do you wake up so early? I go to bed early, duh.

How do you dance so well? I went to an all black school in the imperative rhythm forming years of Kindergarten.

How do you take such beautiful photographs? I practice all the freaking time. And all my clients are beautiful, so thatttt helps.

How do you not let the haters bug you? I remember everything comes from jealousy. Or they’re right, so I take the criticism, learn from it and then I’m even better than before. Suckers.

How do you have such clear skin? I never wash my face.

How do you get so much done in a day? I shower like every third day. Keeps the productivity hours to a maximum.

How did you pay your way through college? I worked 7 jobs. Literally.

How do you travel so often? I have a Prius. And I spend 100% of my disposable income on plane tickets.

How do you talk so fast? How do YOU talk so slow?!

How do you go out and have fun but not drink? … I go out, have fun, and don’t drink.

I swear I’m not as stuck up or conceited as I sound.


What do people always ask you about? And what do you say? I want to know all your secrets!

Tons of love,