11 Steps To Making Your 101 Things To Do In 1,001 Days

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Good Lord, that's a long title.

How inspired are you to make your own list 101 things to do in the next 1,001 days? Probably A LOT inspired. So in case you started writing and got stuck at 40, I have made some easy steps for you so we can conquer these next 1001 days together!

Step 1: Just start writing The first forty things you want to do come pretty easily. We all have a mental list in our brains, right? I’ve always wanted to try that new winery (something I’ve never said ever), or I’ve always wanted to go sky diving, or I need to make sure I see the next Hunger Games movie the day it comes out. You’ve really already got a solid list in your head.

Step 2: Think about exciting things you have already done Now, you’re feeling overwhelmed. You’re like GOOD LORD 101 things is a lot of things. This is what I was thinking (except being overwhelmed by the amount of fabulous things you get to do in the next 3 years doesn’t really sound like that big of a problem). So I wrote down 101 things I have already done to encourage myself, remind myself that I do have a proclivity to do very cool things, and to inspire new things on my list.

Step 3:  Think about exciting things you already have planned Now I am teaching you how to cheat. But ya know everybody needs a head start, right? I already had planned to chop my hair, to go to Denver, to go to yoga ten times this month. But this isn’t titled “101 brand new things I have never thought of before and am just now making up to make my list long”, right? (You can title it that if you want, I guess) So, now, I bet you have a few fun things already planned. Put em down baby.

Step 4:  Consider your career goals Writing goals down to make them actually happen is a real thing. Also, you are so impressive right now by having career goals. You're such an adult. (Check my #11 and #63.)

Step 5:  Consider your personal goals I wanted to say “Consider your appearance goals” but that sounded too shallow. But now that you know that’s what I was thinking, we will just go with that. I took a look at my bod (like mentally. I didn't just stare at myself in the mirror.) I started at my head- do I have any goals for my head? Yes. Haircut (#99). My face? Nope, it’s perfect. Wait, I need a new mascara (#69). My boobs? Yes, boob job. Just kidding, kind of. You get the idea. I went all the way down to my toesies- find the perfect black flats! (#70).

Step 6: Think small This is also kind of another cheater trick. BUT! Don’t underestimate the small things, muchacha. (#shortpeopleproblems). This isn’t a bucket list of coolest things you can think of for Pete’s sake, and it’s nice to split up the big things (#7- Go to New Orleans!) with the totes doable (#14- Get John to go to yoga!). Keeps up the momentum, gets you crossing things off your list, and makes sure the small things (like #54- Make a sand castle) don’t go under appreciated! Small things are fun too (hmph!).

Step 7: Think big I’m not going to give you the “You can truly chase your dreams talk!”, but if you want one, email me and I will talk your ear off for the next 1,001 days and neither of us will get anything done. But you will be very inspired. Once in 2012, I wrote down “Get an office maybe” on my list of goals. I was so scared to write something so ludicrous on my list of goals.. and THEN! 3 months later I was sitting at my desk in my new office. You will never get where you want to be if you don’t reach for it! My big embarrassing to admit goal? #29.

Step 8: Break it up Dangit I have so many cheater tricks. #19- go to Denver. Guess what I’m going to do there? #20- go ice skating! So if you have a travel destination, ask yourself “What am I going to do there?” and then voila, more goals! Or if you have a skill you want to learn, like my #87- learn the remote control. AND THEN! #88- take self portraits with it. Ask yourself “Why do I want to learn this new thing?” then your next goal can be utilizing your new skill. Like.. “Learn how to paint a landscape” and then “Gift 3 landscapes to my friends/family”. Voila.

Step 9: Cultivate habits This is a great opportunity to get yourself to do something multiple times- aka cultivate a habit. Like #2- post on my blog 7 days straight. Habit forming! And it turns something pretty normal- posting on my blog- into a noteworthy goal- posting seven.days.in.a.row. I also used #5 as a habit cultivator- why don’t I just freaking drink water?

Step 10: Ask yourself “Why not?” Why not teach my nephew French words? (#42) I have to put that degree of mine to some kind of use. Why not go read at the beach? (#58). Why not place first in Fantasy Football? MAYBE it’s because all of my players keep injuring their effing toes. Who injures their toes?!

Step 11: Ask yourself “What will I wish I had done?” This is a question that has guided my “no regrets” lifestyle. It's not that I just decide that I won't have regrets, it's that I make damn sure I am doing all the things I want to do. What would you have wished you would have done? You will be several years older when this list is done. I WILL BE TWENTY EIGHT. GOOD LORD. So what will my 28 year old self wish my 25 year old self had done? Taken the opportunity to go to New Orleans when Alyssa was already there? Yes. Take a photoshoot in my prom dresses  (#71) before I don’t fit in the anymore? Yes. Spend time with my nephew before he's too big to have a whole day just for me? Yes. See Kelly Clarkson before she stops touring? Omg, what if she has already stopped touring?! WHAT IF SHE NEVER GOES ON TOUR AGAIN?! IS IT TOO LATE?! (Don’t let this be you.)

You can also steal like half my list if you like. Except you can’t take John to yoga because that would be weird.

Are you actually gonna make your own? I AM PUMPED! You can figure out your end date here: http://www.timeanddate.com/date/dateadd.html

Please comment below with a link to yours, or email it to me! asiacroson@gmail.com I will totes keep you motivated and probably invite myself to all things cool on your list.

The next 1001 days are going to be fabulous.

Tons of love,


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