"Why Did We Even Bring Her?": Behind The Scenes of my Twisted Root Designs shoot

BEhind The Scenes-0306_sAsia Croson Photography stomped

Recently I was honored to take beautiful photos for Twisted Roots Design, a local bracelet designer who makes custom leather cuffs.

Tammy, the designer, even makes Memory Cuffs out of your father or grandfather's old belts- the perfect personal accessory for something meaningful that otherwise would hang in a closet.

Anyway, I will of course show you the real photos soon, but in the mean time, these behind the scenes outtakes are pretty fabulous on their own.

Don't mind the out of focus, or random facial expressions- remember, these are outtakes!

BEhind The Scenes-0229_sAsia Croson Photography stomped

Also, like WHO BROUGHT THIS GIRL?! Homegirl makes everybody else look bad. Couldn't get a bad photo of her if I tried. And...  I tried. BEhind The Scenes-0318_sAsia Croson Photography stomped

BEhind The Scenes-0246_sAsia Croson Photography stompedBEhind The Scenes-0359_sAsia Croson Photography stompedBEhind The Scenes-0400_sAsia Croson Photography stompedBEhind The Scenes-0401_sAsia Croson Photography stompedBEhind The Scenes-0449_sAsia Croson Photography stompedBEhind The Scenes-0477_sAsia Croson Photography stomped

Thank you to my beautiful models who are so gracious enough to let me post some bloopers!

Tons of love