Episode 014: Bringing Your Online Business Local & Starting Small with Paige Shcmidt

What We Talked About:

  • Our second interview ever- and with Paige Schmidt at Healthy Hits The Spot!
  • How sharing what you do IN PERSON makes a more authentic connection 
  • How dropping hints naturally can make all the difference
  • The benefits of having a small clientele
  • How pricing can affect your client experience, your investment, and their investment
  • Pricing & work life balance
  • Living by example for your clients
  • Getting comfortable and confident talking about what you do in person
  • How to use the confidence that you get from telling people about your business
  • Yelp! A Space To Face dream!
  • The pros & cons (there are surprisingly a lot of pros!) of meeting clients via Skype, even if they're local
  • The benefits of being in a small town for Facers
  • Is the whole world your competition?
  • Building trust with your clientele via blogging 
  • What inspires your readers/audience/future clients to connect with you
  • A blog is a place to share soooo much information about yourself and your services
  • Are you comfortable telling people in person what you say online?
  • How to care zero about the haters
  • How doing your best/being yourself helps you care even less about the haters
  • Paige S's favorite books
  • Jen Carrington's season 2 of the Make It Happen podcast is back! (Asia was on last season!)
  • Starting out small without expectation
  • Tumblr- a great place to start!
  • If you have to cry, go outside. 
  • Giving yourself raises

You can tell how you treat your clients by how you treat your readers.

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