Episode 009: 6 Keys To Making The Most Out Of Your Slow Season

What We Talked About:

The 6 keys to your slow season:
Key #1: Have faith the slow season will end. DO NOT PANIC.
Key #2: Take a break.
Key #3:  Be grateful.
Key #4:  Get ready for the busy season.
Key #5: Be where you can’t be during the busy season (get online or get face to face!)
Key #6: Get creative with other creatives.

  • Taking advantage of your slow season instead of trying to pretend it isn’t happening.
  • Don’t just try to fill your slow season with stuff. It’s okay to slow down & be intentional with your time.
  • Preparing for the busy season is sooo nice to your future self
  • During your busy season, what do you wish you would have done before busy season started?
  • They can be personal things: visiting family, relaxing, exercising, scrapbooking
  • Or business things that make the busy season run smoother: organizing files, deleting files, implementing systems, or practicing new techniques and experimenting with new skills, doing administrative work/planning for future travel or other plans
  • Building habits during the slow season- starting new habits is hard!
  • Slow season is a time of investment
  • Preparing for the busy season is good, but you can also prepare for the slow season!
  • Give yourself projects!
  • Start stockpiling on your blog posts, video posts, Instagram content, etc.
  • You do not have to post Instagram in real time. Mind blown. Thanks Paige.
  • Using the slow season as a time to work out kinks in new long term projects, products or services
  • Everyone loves cacti. Fact. (Ps Paige has a new collection for Valentines Day: Desert Candy!)
  • Slow season is a great time to get photos done, headshots done, personalized stock photos done!
  • Portfolio building time!
  • Starting and investing in new friendships & relationships takes time, and the time to start is now!
  • Think about planting seedssss
  • Learning how to distribute your finances over your slow season
  • You live and you learnnnnn 
  • Run through flowers with other creatives. To the Rocky theme song.

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