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Clothing Swap Spring 2019

Great for our: environment, pockets, closets & community <3

Clothing Swap + Drive is here again!! This time we are collaborating with SLO Parks & Rec and holding this Swap at the Mission Plaza!

Save up all your clothes for this ladies, it's gonna be the biggest one yet :) (They keep getting bigger!) As usual, all remaining items get donated to the Womens' Shelter in SLO (now known as Stand Strong)!

Parking is available, and signs will point you in the right direction!

Bag up the clothes you don’t want anymore, bring them to the location anytime between 8:00 am and 3:00pm (you can drop off clothes at the location anytime on Saturday beforehand if you want to get them out of your house sooner! This is INCREDIBLY helpful for us but not required!), and steal other people’s clothes. It’s the jam. Invite your friends because it's a good cause. 

Please separate clothes that are damaged in any way so that we can have an easier time sorting what to put out & only put out the good stuff! (Have a bag for straight donate + a bag for the swap!)

Helpful day of:
*Come by whenever you want!
*Parking available in the parking lot!
*Shoes & accessories & children clothes welcome!
*Please try (most) things on during the swap, so you're only taking things that you actually want!
*You can take as many things as you like (provided you try them on!)
*If you're really into it, I'd wear a camisole & leggings so you can easily try things on! But like. That's if you're a pro.

So before you guys go and spend a zillion dollars on school clothes, let's find some at our good ol' fashioned Clothing Swap + Drive. 

A great way to prune your closet, help local women + children in need, and spruce up your wardrobe. THIS IS A WIN WIN WIN.

Also like half my clothes come from clothing swaps. 
Reuse, recycle, baby.

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