Living With A Model: Happy Birthday Lindsey!

In honor of my beautiful roommate's birthday (TODAY!), let's relive June 8, 2014, where I described how tough it is to live with her. Let me just tell you. It gets tougher every day ;)p.s. we are going to Dolphin Bay for brunch today, so be ready for some epic, fabulous, windy Snaps.

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Living with a model is tough.

First of all, she's smart and pretty and it's hard to hate her. You want to hate her, but you love her. Like a lot. Like you can't hate her so much you sign two year long leases with her. ANd you stay up with her all night and dream of more photo shoots you can take with her.


Okay living with a model is not so tough.

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San Luis Obispo Photographer
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Love you Linds and happy birthday!