101 Things In The Next 1,001 Days

101 things_stomped

Do you ever think to yourself.. where has the time gone? And what in the world did I do with it?

I think about this ALL THE TIME. Am I doing enough?! Am I living my life?! Am I boring? I’m totally boring aren’t I? And then I reflect on the last 1,001 days and laugh in my own ridiculous freaking face.

My life rocks, I’m not boring, and we are going to make sure it stays that way.

Bet your bottom dollar I finish this list.

Dear Asia, Challenge accepted.


Started: December 2, 2014 Ends: Thursday, August 31, 2017 (right after my TWENTY EIGHTH BIRTHDAY OMGOD) 

  1. Go on a cruise
  2. Post on my blog 7 days straight
  3. Host 3 clothing swaps (one down and one planned for May 29th!)
  4. Clean out my office and keep snacks in it
  5. Buy an h2o dispenser and USE IT Christmas 2014
  6. Plan a new event for my office
  7. See New Orleans
  8. Go on a 2 day minimum road trip
  9. Go to yoga 10 times in 30 days (3/6 so far!)
  10. Make Beau frozen baby food February 2015
  11. Get a blog design I am proud of  January 2015
  12. Take another photoshoot of my parents together
  13. Take John to yoga February 2015
  14. Start taking high school senior photos (almost there…)
  15. Get my belly button re-pierced January 2015
  16. Go to Portland
  17. Have lunch in Central Park
  18. Take a hip hop dance class  December 2014
  19. Visit Denver  January 2015
  20. Go ice skating on New Years  December 31, 2014
  21. Spend a weekend unplugged
  22. Do a color run
  23. Go laser tagging
  24. Take Beau for a full day by ourselves
  25. Get a SLO library card for free audiobooks
  26. Help Tom with a home project
  27. Go on another week long motorcycle ride with Dave
  28. Throw a surprise party
  29. Write an article for a magazine
  30. Go sailing
  31. Go horseback riding
  32. See a ballet in Seattle
  33. Take photos of my roommate and her horse
  34. Photograph for a local clothing line
  35. Write 100 blog posts (39 in!)
  36. Make 50 Taking Shots videos  (only 42 left!)
  37. Sell a photograph of mine as a piece of art
  38. Save $10 for every goal I reach
  39. Go to Harry Potter Land in Orlando with CJ & Alyssa   March 2015
  40. Do another guest post on a blog  December 2014
  41. Get Beau to learn my name
  42. Teach Beau a few French words
  43. Make a posing guide
  44. Start a personal vlog
  45. Get 500 subscribers to my YouTube channel
  46. Get 500 followers on Blog Lovin
  47. See Antelope Canyon
  48. Go to the Hot Air Balloon Festival in New Mexico
  49. See Kelly Clarkson live. Again.
  50. Blog about 50 things on this list
  51. Make my own headshot back drop
  52. Send out yearly calendar for Christmas 2014
  53. See Niagara Falls
  54. Make a sand castle
  55. Design graduation invitations- Olivia Goree designed them for me!
  56. Go camping in Big Sur
  57. Wear my retainer full time for the 2 months prescribed
  58. Take just a book and myself to Jo Mama’s and read March 2015
  59. See Sam Smith in concert (tickets booked for February!.. and then he canceled)
  60. Memorize my passport number (again..)
  61. Pay for my car tags on time just one freaking time
  62. Interview at least 3 local business owners and blog about it
  63. Photograph another international wedding
  64. Buy another camera for my second shooter
  65. Place first in Fantasy Football
  66. Play volleyball at Meadow Park
  67. Go on a camping trip with my parents in their trailer
  68. Braid my sister’s hair February 2015
  69. Find the perfect mascara 
  70. Find the perfect pair of black flats
  71. Do a photo shoot in my prom dresses
  72. Donate my prom dresses
  73. Go on the graffiti tour in LA
  74. Go dancing in Hollywood
  75. Make a website for my mom’s Jarling Treats
  76. Scout ten different locations in SLO
  77. Be in town every weekend for a month so I can go to church 4 times in a row
  78. Go to Switchfoot Day in San Diego for Haley's birthday at least one more time
  79. Go scuba diving
  80. Buy a new Prius
  81. Throw my parents a wedding anniversary party
  82. Photograph all of my favorite baristas at Starbucks
  83. Rent a car March 2015 in Florida!
  84. Have a bonfire and make s’mores
  85. Learn how to make myself dinner
  86. Start morning walks again when it’s not freezing
  87. Learn how to use my camera remote
  88. Take 3 self portraits with my camera remote
  89. Make my family cookbook and gift it
  90. Hike the P December 2014
  91. Find out if I can still do backflips
  92. Start a magazine (we are close!)
  93. Throw away all the cups I don’t use
  94. Get 10 new “You are Here” Starbucks mugs (Denver, Colorado, Orlando, Florida, Houston.. so close!)
  95. Have a Catch Phrase game night
  96. Teach my friends Hands & Feet
  97. Plant an avocado tree
  98. Print out John’s family photos  Mother's Day 2015
  99. Cut my hair shoulder length December 2014
  100. Learn how to film artsy videos
  101. Vote on something I actually know about and care about

 Going to be a busy 1, 001 days y'all.

Would you like to make your own list? I thought you would. Cause you and I, we’re a lot alike. And we like lists and we like life.

I should retitle my blog “Life in lists.”

I have written you a How-To guide so you can make yourself an exciting, fabulous, attainable but nonetheless a LITTLE out of your comfort zone 101 Things in 1,001 Days list!

It’s gonna be great.

Tons of love,