7 Ways to Purple Hair

Here’s a myth: if you dye your hair, it will start doing itself. 

Was I the only one who thought that?

Truth: If you dye your hair, you will actually WANT to do it.

Let me just tell you, that I neva eva do my hair. I am blessed with wavy-ish hair that most of the time I can get away with just showering and leaving (and by “getting away with” I mean that I don’t have a mirror to look at and nobody calls me ugly).

But since I’ve dyed my hair purple... I actually do it. It’s like getting a new car and wanting to keep it clean. I’m like “oh heyyy girl heyyyy look at you you fancy purpley thing.”

So, here's some tips if you want to be a fancy, purpley thing:

1. Ask your stylist to do it first…

 You have to like dye your hair blonde before you can turn it purple. Which takes 100 years if you have dark hair like me. So three hours later, I have an ombre and then we have to dye it purple. It looked AMAZING ( I got mine done with Brit at Bluebird Salon). But then, as unnatural colors go, it washed out within a week.


2. Then ask her how to keep it up yourself…

Chances are she can recommend a product, or an at-home dye that would keep it touched up. It would be expensive as shizzzz to keep going back and sitting in that chair to have her dye it purple for the millionth time.


3. Then actually keep it up yourself.

Because the color it turns once it’s totes faded sucks. Here’s how easy it is: 1. Get the dye your stylist recommends 2. Use gloves 3. Read the directions (probably- squeeze into hair, leave for 20-30 minutes, rinse). 4. Jam to Beyonce and clean your room while you wait. Don’t sit on the couch because you will lean back and it will be purple.


4. Don’t use shampoo with sulfate.

This is importante. Literally my hair bleeds purple (that’s like a literal literally) when I use normal shampoo with sulfate. Which is like all shampoos. So I bought a special “sulfate-free” shampoo (I’m sure it’s gluten free, dairy free and soy free too, so yay for freedom.) and all the purp stays in the hair where it belongs.


5. Be okay to chop it off.

I dyed only the bottom of my hair purple. Just in case I changed my mind (whaaaa? Like I ever do that?) and wanted it gone and didn’t want to deal with the awkward blonde underneath. So I’m thinking when I’m over being awesome, I will chop the purple off and rock a bob like a real woman. So I WOULDN’T recommend dying the WHOLE thing purple because then that shiz is do or die. Or dye or die? Hmm.. Keep it up or it’s gonna look terrible, is really what I’m trying to say.


6. Sock bun it up if you want to hide it.

Not that I would ever wanna hide my fabulous purp, but if I had a boss or a conservative grandmother, I would just stick this baby up in a sock bun then POOF! Purp free, edge free, you are soooo classy you little lady!


7. Rock it.

If I can do my hair, you should do your hair. No pressure, but pressure. Do awesome things with your color. You won’t have it forever and you don’t want to look back and be like “Yeah I could’ve looked great and I just look like an idiot”. I’m not going to look back and think that purple hair was a phase, I’m going to look back and be like “That was really fun! I was so pretty! Why do I never do my hair anymore…?”


Bonus: Take a ton of pictures.

While I was looking for photos for this post I was like CRAP! Believe it or not I don’t have enough photos of myself rockin the purp! Need to up the selfie game. Soo I will be busy for the next few hours..