101 Things In The Last 1,001 Days

101 things_stomped

There's this fabulous trend of making 101 goals/things to do in the next 1, 001 days. Which sounds lovely and I am totes doing that. But I was like what about all the cool stuff I've done in the last 1, 1001 days?

It's a lot. My past few years have been epic. And I am a sucker for reminiscing. And for lists. Let's do this thing.

Started: March 7, 2012 Ended: December 2, 2014


  1. Perfected a perfect Paleo granola bar recipe
  2. Spent  1 week in Ibiza
  3. Spent 1 week in Paris
  4. Spent a few days in Rome
  5. Saw the Colosseum
  6. Played cards in Cinque Terre
  7. Ate true Italian pasta
  8. Ate true Italian gelato
  9. Met Bill Clinton
  10. Met Hilary Clinton
  11. Met Patrick Dempsey
  12. Started a business

  13. Lived by myself
  14. Lived downtown
  15. Snorkeled in Key West
  16. Got an office
  17. Hired (several) assistants
  18. Started a vlog

  19. Started a blog

  20. Had a nephew!

  21. Became a nanny
  22. Passed my real estate license test
  23. Got a full time job
  24. Quit my full time job
  25. Bought a Prius
  26. Started paying off my student loan31_stomped
  27. Fell in love

  28. Dyed my hair purple
  29. Learned about a new culture
  30. Went on a 2 week long motorcycle ride
  31. Saw the Grand Canyon
  32. Saw Mount Rushmore
  33. Saw Glacier Park
  34. Saw Yellowstone
  35. Started an Instagram
  36. Started yoga
  37. Put on 2 Fall Photo Offs
  38. GoGo danced
  39. Photographed a wedding in France
  40. Photographed a wedding in Cabo
  41. Photographed over a dozen other weddings

  42. Photographed somebody sort of famous
  43. Bought a new laptop
  44. Bought a new desktop
  45. Bought 2 new cameras
  46. Started watching Scandal
  47. Visited Seattle 8 times
  48. Drove to Seattle in one day
  49. Got paid for my writing
  50. Acquired my first brand name purse
  51. Bought my first pair of brand name sunglasses62_stomped
  52. Found the perfect pair of jeans (American Eagle)

  53. Rode around Tahoe on a motorcycle
  54. Ate brunch at the Space Needle 3 times
  55. Went to my first hockey game
  56. Went to a Sharks game
  57. Went to a Padres game
  58. Went to a Mariners game
  59. Dressed up as Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian for Halloween
  60. Took my first shot of tequila with my parents. And my second and my third.

  61. Celebrated Persian New Year
  62. Went zip lining in Santa Cruz
  63. Photographed the Santa Cruz boardwalk
  64. Ate a ball park hot dog in a ball park and a New York hot dog in New York
  65. Saw Jay Z & Beyonce in concert
  66. Saw Anjelah Johnson live for the third time
  67. Got dental insurance
  68. Tried every coffee shop in SLO

  69. Supported all my friends small businesses
  70. Started personal training
  71. Spent Fourth of July in DC
  72. Slept in the gardens outside the Louvre
  73. Attended a photography conference
  74. Attended a photography workshop
  75. Hired a business coach80_stomped
  76. Cooked Thanksgiving dinner all by myself for my parents
  77. Had Thanksgiving dinner with my parents and my boyfriends parents
  78. Made Christmas wreaths
  79. Hosted several dinner parties and one successful Friendsgiving
  80. Danced to my favorite DJ in SLO and New York
  81. Watched all 3 Hunger Games movies on opening day
  82. Road tripped from SLO to LA on the 1
  83. Partied in Vegas with my BFFF
  84. Went on a family trip to Vegas
  85. Helped my mom start a business

  86. Went on the ferris wheel in Vegas
  87. Went on the Ferris wheel in Seattle
  88. Started playing Fantasy Football
  89. Went wine tasting for the first time
  90. Saw Demi Lovato and Gavin DeGraw in concert
  91. Was a bridesmaid in my first wedding of a friend
  92. Saw Switchfoot & Smashmouth for free
  93. Spent a New Years at home with just my parents
  94. Went kayaking in Morro Bay
  95. Went on a 3 state road trip with my mom
  96. Danced all night in Vancouver, Canada
  97. Took a nap in TriBeCa
  98. Photographed a wedding in Vegas
  99. Paddle boarded in Cabo
  100. Photographed myself for my birthday every year
  101. Wrote a 101 things list :)

I would LOVE to read your 101 things in the last 1, 001 days list! Email it to me (asiacroson@gmail.com)! Or post a link! It will give me so many ideassss. Coming up next, 101 things in the next 1, 001 days. I see I kept the bar really low for the next few years...