I don't know about you, but I plan to have an AMAZING summer.  Like full of fun and photos and laziness and hard work and projects and color and Oreos probably, I don't know, wait what? 

Anyway, this past senior season has been THE BIGGEST season I have ever had in my life (you did see all those amazing photos, right?), which now just makes me want to shoot more, more, more. The world is my oyster, SLO is my playground, the universe is like YOU GO GIRL. So, this summer, big project poppin. CANNOT WAIT TO SHARE IT WITH YOU.

But first.


And then.


If you're in SLO this summer, and you love having your photo taken, or like just like it, I'd LOVE to photograph you.

You want to know why?
Because summer in SLO is the best. Because I wish I had more photos of ME every summer I was in SLO between school years. Because why not. Because it's super fun. Because I LOVE what I do. Because YOLO. Because if you're feeling really good about yourself, it's time to show you off. Because if you're not feeling so good about yourself, it's time to change that. Because you want to do something new. Because you LOVE me and just want an excuse to hang out. Because you love SLO and want to show it off.

Because you're beautiful. I'll take your picture and prove it.

Have I convinced you yet?

All you gotta do is fill out the application below, and bam! Summer photos, check. All models will be contacted by June 26th.

FAQs (I will continue to update these!)

What if I'm only in town for a little bit?

That's totally fine! Just indicate in the application what dates you will be here!

Do I have to have experience?

You've taken a selfie right? Totes counts.

Can my friends come?

Duhhhhhh. That'd be even better! Have them send me an application!