Sorority Ambassador Position

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your interest in the first ever Sorority Ambassador position! We are hoping for this to be a yearly recurring position, and your success in this position will set the foundation for years to come. As Asia Croson Photography and the non-profit grows, I realize how much opportunity there is to continuously build a strong connection to my favorite Cal Poly students. I am hoping this position will make the communication even more efficient and effective between myself and Greek Life, as well as allow for growth in our collaborations as Greek Life on campus continues to expand. I am absolutely in love with all of the events we have put on together thus far, and I am so looking forward to contributing more in career, mental health, and educational aspects.


  • Active member of your sorority

  • Can commit to a year long position in SLO (ending Winter/Spring 2020) (can be available for renewal)

  • Quick responder via text

  • Familiarity with Google Drive

  • Excellent grammar & written voice

  • Understanding & ability to accurately represent the Asia Croson brand

  • Ability to work collaboratively with other sororities on campus

  • Must have Facebook + Instagram + a Gmail account


  • Scheduling meeting announcements

  • Reaching out for volunteers/participants for various Asia Croson events

  • Working aforementioned Asia Croson events (GWHI, Clothing Swaps, Fall Photo Off, etc)

  • Conducting future Asia Croson + Greek Life events relevant to your sorority’s causes and needs

Pay Structure:

  • $20/hr

  • 0-3 hours a week on average

    • Hours will vary, and while this job is paid, it should not be relied on as a stable form of income, as hours will fluctuate drastically throughout the year. Some duties will take 15 minutes, therefore time will be logged in those increments. Pay will be once a month, via Venmo.


Application due dates:

AXO: February 6
Sigma Kappa: February 7
Delta Gamma: February 7
AOII: February 7
GPHi: February 7
KKG: February 13
APhi: February 13
Chi Omega: February 14

Interviews will be offered to select applicants within a few days after the application due date.

I ask that you only apply to this position if you are very very sure it is right for you. I ask this out of selfishness in that my heart breaks considering having to turn down more applicants than necessary. There is only one position available per sorority, therefore if you have any hesitations, please allow this to go to someone who is very excited about the opportunity!

Apply here.