It's Time To Announce YOU'RE GRADUATING!!

Choose any of the layouts below, and read for some tips on choosing!

1. You can mix and match front/backs.
2. Almost all colors can be changed, and almost all wording can be modified (with very few exceptions).
3. One side can be one of these that you like, the other can just be a full photo, too! (Which is nice to send family a frame-able photo of you that way!)
4. You can add information/take away information (college info, party information, where you're going to work next, etc.)
5. You can add a university seal to any invite!

If any of those strike your fancy: 
1.  Take a pic of it on your phone and send it to me!
2. Email me the information you'd like on the invite (name, college, degree, etc). Make sure to triple double quadruple check spelling!
3. Make note of any colors you'd like changed, if any!
4. Favorite the photos on your link that you want included and what side/order if there is any particular specifications! (Make sure they fit the template- vertical/horizontal, etc!)
5. I will send you a mock up and we can make revisions if necessary & then order when you love them!