Glam Shoot Info!

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Step 1: Pick a friend
YAYY!! You can choose anyone you like who is also a student at Cal Poly.  It's so much fun when you can have individual photos AND some together with a good friend! 

Step 2: Pick a date
We have only a limited amount of spots, so get together with your girlfriend fast and pick a date from the link below! There are dates in June, July & September!

Step 3: Read all these details & get excited :) 

We will be meeting at my office and my address is 793 Higuera Street, Suite 12, all the way up the stairs to the right. The main door is in between SLO Swim & Diane's! You can park at the parking garage by the movie theater! Call me (not text!) if the door is closed or you can't find it! :) 

Just a bit of info about everything:

What this shoot is for:

This shoot is for us to do more of what we love, which is make up ing and photographing, to focus on expression and YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACES, and to have more fun with in studio shoots. (We most likely won't be leaving the studio!) So, we will be trying new things and having so much fun with it! Natalie is also filming some YouTube tutorials, and may be using these to show off some cool make up tricks!

Don't worry about a thing:

There are no expectations for you AT ALL! You don't need to know how to pose, and you don't need to feel nervous that I won't tell you what to do. This is literally my job and I'm not bad at it ;) You will feel comfortable and we will have a great time. I will show you the photos as we go, so you can know how great you're doing the whole time! We have Natalie (@belizzimobeauty) doing your make up and she is AMAZING. 

Photo shoots require energy:
Please be well rested, well caffeinated (basically, so you can get on my level, because I will be a few Starbucks in at that point), and ready to make all kinds of fabulous faces.

What to wear:

We will be focusing on your face, so don't worry too much, but bring a few things, if possible (but so not required):
-a fun top, fur coat, cool neck line, fun sleeves, anything like that
-a slouchy off the shoulder top
-a statement necklace/big rings
-fun earrings, maybe even hoopssss if you have them!
Again, these shoots are just for fun so dooo nottt stress!  

Make up, etc:

Come fresh faced (no make up- but we can always remove it here!) and your hair lightly curled, so if we want to mess with it, eff it up toss it around or whatever, we totally can. 

Please have your nails painted or clean :)

When you will see the photos:

These photos will be finished in a few weeks after your shoot, and you will be sent the images as soon as they are done!! And then you can put those babies up everywhereeee. Depending on how many booked shoots I have, this time can totally vary, but I promise you will get them!

How the photos will be used:

Some will be used for my blog posts, Instagram, for promotional purposes, etc, but the main focus is just enjoying the shoot!

A few rules:

If you post a photo, do a behind the scenes snap, or whatever, please refer to Asia Croson Photography (that's me!). This is the same thing for posting the photos when you receive them! I am so excited for the opportunity to photograph you and the photos are a sweet way for me to spread the word about my work- word of mouth is the lifeblood of my business and is the only reason why I can provide shoots like this for free! So the more you love these photos & post these photos, the better, and I will give you beautiful photos of yourself to cherish forever and ever in exchange! :)

If you have any questions, feel free to email or text me! 

I cannot wait to photograph you! 

Asia Croson Photography SLO Photographer Glam Virginia Allie-_SLO Senior Photographer Asia Croson Photography.jpg