Friend Shoot Info

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Step 1: Pick the friends you wanna come!

Roommates, besties, whateva! It will be super fun! I have a few professional photos of me and my roommates/ best friends from college and I LOVEEE going through those photos now & remembering such a fun time! The kind of photos that get played at wedding slideshows in the future :D

Step 2: Pick a date for your shoot

I have only a limited amount of spots, so get together with your girlfriends fast and pick a date from the link below! Once you pick a date, I will let you know location (we are testing new fun locations!)

Step 3: Pick a date to come see them!

Make sure you schedule your photo viewing for at least one week for AFTER the shoot (obviously), and you ladies can come in and see your faves! 

The mini shoot comes with as many group shots as there are girls fo' freeee and each additional photo after that is $25. You can also buy them all for $200 (there's always like A JILLION), which most groups do, and they split the $200! THERE IS NO REQUIREMENT TO BUY ANYTHING but if you want extras, you can totes have them!!

Step 4: Read all these details & get excited :) 

Just a bit of info about everything:

What this shoot is for:
This shoot is for you for fun, to capture such an awesome fun time for you guys your friendship, beautiful SLO, and just an excuse for me to take more fabulous photos. 

Don't worry about a thing:

There are no expectations for you AT ALL! You don't need to know how to pose, and you don't need to feel nervous that I won't tell you what to do. This is literally my job and I'm not bad at it ;) You will feel comfortable and we will have a great time. I will show you the photos as we go, so you can know how great you're doing the whole time! 

Photo shoots require energy:
Please be well rested, well caffeinated (basically, so you can get on my level, because I will be a few Starbucks in at that point), and ready to do all kinds of fun things!

What to wear:

If you guys want to match, match! ( I think that photographs really well!) If you don't, I'd say at least the same vibe/color scheme. I'd recommend going all out, get fun, wear accessories, cute hats, do the whole shebang. (Do note that long sleeves photograph better!) You can also check out my What to Wear tips AND how to prepare for a photoshoot in my Senior Experience Guide.

What to bring:

If you want to make a fun little Pinterest board of fun props, poses, ideas, whatever, TOTES do that. This is our time to play around & have so much fun! I'd bring a cute blanket we can sit on, for sure, some sorority letters if you are all in the same sorority, and any other props if you felt like it!

Make up, etc:

Do your make up a little darker than usual, photos tend to wash it out a bit! And please have your nails painted or clean :)

When you will see the photos:

These photos will be finished in a few weeks after your shoot, and you will be sent the images as soon as they are done!! And then you can put those babies up everywhereeee.

A few rules:

If you post a photo, do a behind the scenes snap, or whatever, please refer to Asia Croson Photography. This is the same thing for posting the photos when you receive them! I am so excited for the opportunity to photograph you and the photos are a sweet way for me to spread the word about my work- word of mouth is the lifeblood of my business and is why I can provide shoots like this for free! So the more you love these photos & post these photos, the better, and I will give you beautiful photos of yourself to cherish forever and ever in exchange! :)

If you have any questions, feel free to email or text me! 

Once you have all the gals & have chosen a date, send me their names & emails so I can send this to them as well! (DO THIS ASAP!) I cannot wait to photograph you ladies!!