Prizes (even bigger & better this year!):

1st place:
3 hour Instagram shoot out

3 free senior photo shoots

2nd place:
2 hour Instagram shoot out
2 free senior photo shoots

3rd place:
1 hour Instagram shoot out

1 free senior photo shoot


3 Ways To Win: 

Snapchat: @asiacroson

Instagram: @asiacrosonphotography

Asia Croson Snapchat

Snapchat: asiacroson
Day of: 1 point
Screenshot your sorority's behind the scenes snap!
November 3-12: 3 points
Vote for your sorority at!


Asia Croson Instagram

Instagram: @asiacrosonphotography
November 7-12: 2 points!
Follow @asiacrosonphotography, like & repost your sorority's photo!

Photoshoot Schedule:

*Photoshoots will take place on campus, in front of the library, where we took photos last year!

Friday, November 3rd: 
Alpha Phi: 3:45 pm
Kappa Alpha Theta: 4:30 pm
Alpha Chi Omega: 5:00 pm

Saturday, November 4th:
AOII: 3:00 pm

Sunday, November 5th:
KKG: 1:00 pm
Chi Omega: 3:45 pm
Alpha Gamma Delta: 4:30 pm
AEPhi : 5:00 pm

Monday, November 6th:
Gamma Phi Beta: 4:00 pm

What To Bring On Photoshoot Day:

  • All your sorority sisters- this is an all house event!
  • Matching outfits- feel free to get creative, colorful, fancy, or crazy.
  • Your house letters- they are always so creative & beautiful!
  • Everyone's phones (duh)- to take selfies & add me on Snapchat (do I hear bonus points?)
  • *Tip: Have the girls show up 5-10 minutes early so any stragglers can still make the photo ;)