watch me work

Asia Croson: A woman on a mission

 I will tell you a secret about myself. 
I am way better looking now than I was at 18. Like way better. You know how I know this? Because when I need some feel good ammo, I sit down & click through my Facebook profile pictures back to 2007. (Is this just me?) Bam, proof. I definitely get better looking every day (& so does life!). It's, like, science. 

So you know what I love doing? Taking photos of myself all the time (#selfie), just to prove the formula true. Then I discovered: THIS IS TRUE FOR EVERYBODY. So you know what I love doing? Taking photos of other people all the time (#youie), just to prove the formula true.  I’m basically Einstein behind a camera.

I want you to know you’re beautiful.
I’ll take your picture and prove it.