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Fall Photo Off is an annual free all house photo shoot for Cal Poly’s sorority houses. Each sorority will have one picture from the photo shoot entered into the Fall Photo Off competition to win 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize (they are awesome prizes!). This is our FOURTH year in a row & I am so excited!

Prizes (even bigger & better this year!):

1st place:
1 hour free event photography
2 hour Instagram shoot out

3 free senior photo shoots

2nd place:
2 hour Instagram shoot out
3 free senior photo shoots

3rd place:
1 hour Instagram shoot out

2 free senior photo shoots


3 Ways To Win: 

Asia Croson Snapchat

Snapchat: asiacroson
Day of: 1 point
Screenshot your sorority's behind the scenes snap!
October 14-21: 3 points
Vote for your sorority at!


Asia Croson Instagram

Instagram:  asiacrosonphotography
October 17-21: 2 points!
Like & regram your sorority's photo!

Bonus Photos:

Voting at will automatically give you access to view and download the fabulous bonus photos we take during your Fall Photo Off photo shoot! 

What To Bring On Photoshoot Day:

  • All your sorority sisters- this is an all house event!
  • Matching outfits- feel free to get creative, colorful, fancy, or crazy.
  • Your house letters- they are always so creative & beautiful!
  • Everyone's phones (duh)- to take selfies & add me on Snapchat (do I hear bonus points?)
  • *Tip: Have the girls show up 5-10 minutes early so any stragglers can still make the photo ;)

Photoshoot Schedule:

Friday, October 14th: 
Alpha Phi: 4:15 pm
Gamma Phi Beta: 5:00 pm
Alpha Gamma Delta: 5:45 pm

Saturday, October 15th:
AEPhi: 4:15 pm
Chi Omega: 5:00 pm

Sunday, October 16th:
KKG: 3:45 pm
Kappa Alpha Theta: 4:15 pm
Sigma Kappa: 4:35 pm
Alpha Chi Omega : 5:00 pm
AOII: 5:45 pm

*Photoshoots will take place on campus, in front of the library, where we took photos last year!

I am so excited to photograph you & your sisters!

Email me or call me with any questions!