Engagement FAQs 

How many outfits can we wear?
You and the future mister can each bring 2 outfits! On the day of the session, you can bring as many as you like & we can narrow them down.

We don’t really know where to go, can you help us?
Of course! I have a plethora of the bestest locations around for us to go. If there are any spots that are really special to you as a couple, we will definitely work that in the mix.

Will you travel to us for engagement photos?
My engagement sessions are taken in San Luis Obispo County or in Kings County (on certain dates). Travel for engagement photos within a 3 hour distance of San Luis Obispo is included in Wedding Package A.

How long does a shoot typically take? 
Engagement sessions take between 1.5 and 2 hours, depending on travel time between locations.

We have no idea how to pose, will you guide us through it?
100%. You aren’t expected to know any poses- I will guide you happily and naturally into each and every pose! I will continually talk to you the whole time so you don’t feel awkward and will never leave you with that “Okay what do we do now?” feeling. You will have to look at each other a lot and you may even have to kiss. So be prepared for that!

My fiancé doesn’t LOVE to be photographed, how do you manage that?
Half the time, he won’t even notice his photo is being taken. For a good chunk of the photos, I am off in the distance and just allow you two to be you together. If he’s really nervous, we will get him a drink (or some coffee!) and I will start citing all the sports knowledge I know. I often get “Well that was a lot easier than I thought!” or “That wasn’t bad at all!” from the future misters, and I expect your mister will feel the same!

Should I get my hair and make up done?
Why not! It is not mandatory, but is a lot of fun! I have a stylist in SLO who offers hair and make up for $100, or $60 each. (You can also get your hair and make up done anywhere you like.) If you’d like to book my stylist, please let me know as soon as possible.

If your wedding day make up artist is in SLO, you should schedule your photos on the same day as your make up trial! This is brilliant and efficient (if I do say so myself), and will allow you to see how great your make up will look on your wedding day.

What about my nails?
Nails should be clean or done nicely. They will definitely be photographed!

Our dog is really important to us, can I bring him/her?

We have a family, can our child/children come?
Yes! We will take photos including the family and some of just you two!

Is there anything we should bring?
If there’s any kind of prop that is special to you two, definitely bring it! Or if you have custom made Save The Date signs (or any kind of signs), definitely bring them! These unique touches really make the engagement session special! If not, just bring your smiles and your love and your fiancé, because he’s important.

We have some pretty crazy ideas, do you think you're up for it?
You know it! Are you total bikers? Beach babes? Yogis? I'm up for it all.

What time of day is best for photos?
All my engagement sessions are taken the last few hours before sunset. This varies between seasons- in the summer/fall, photos are between 6:00pm and 8:00 pm, but in the winter/spring, our session can be as early as 3:30pm-5:30pm!

How far in advance before our wedding should we schedule engagement photos?
Engagement photos are often used for Save the Dates, so engagement photos should definitely be done before then. This depends on your wedding timeline: anywhere from one year to six months before your wedding date.

As soon as you know that you would like to move forward, let’s talk scheduling! Weekends are in high-demand, so if you need a weekend date, please book as soon as possible! (Weekdays are more flexible.) 

How long does it take for us to get our photos?
Photos take about 2 weeks to finish, and will be delivered to you in an online personal gallery. You can download the photos for personal use, edited in color/black and white and in high resolution for printing. 

If you are in the San Luis Obispo area, we will schedule a Photo Viewing Party within one week for you to see your photos on the big screen in my office, and to choose what photos you'd like to print or use for Save The Dates! (See pricing below.)

What else do people use these photos for?
These photos can be used for: wedding table decorations, thank you cards, Save the Dates, home decor, guest book signing, guest frame signing, gifts, and Facebook profile pictures for life (until the wedding photos!).

How much do your engagement sessions cost?
Engagement sessions cost $400. This includes your 15-20 digital images, and is included in wedding packages. 

How do I reserve you for our engagement session?
Email me and tell me “Let’s do this thing!” and I will send you a link to schedule a session, as well as a Venmo link for payment. (Payments can made in cash or check dropped off/sent to my office, as well.) $200 deposit is required to reserve your date, and the remaining $200 is due day of.

Print Shop:
8 wallets: $12
4x6: $7
5x7: $12 (Use these for table decorations!)
8x10: $15
12x18: $20 (Frame it for guests to sign!)

Double Sided Custom 5x7 Save The Dates:
25 for $60
50 for $95
100 for $180
200 for $300
(after that they are 1.50 each!)

I cannot wait to photograph you & your fiance, please email me or call me if you have any questions!