Well hey there! My name is Asia Croson and I am the proud host of this here Biz Time With Asia podcast. I am a professional photographer, personal blogger and Editor In Chief of SLO What? Magazine, living in San Luis Obispo, California which also happens to be the happiest place in all of America. Says Oprah. I use coffee as an excuse to act like a mad woman, Snapchat as an excuse to talk to myself all day, and this podcast as an excuse to hang out with cool people doing cool things on the reg. I'm super passionate about my local community, traveling every 6 weeks, the color purple, and I'm trying to live my life like Jesus and Oprah and Kim Kardashian all at the same time. I'm pretty sure my purpose on earth is to inspire people to live the life they love, so if that's what you're looking for, you're in the right place!